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Bodensee - a breathtakingly sensuous shelf

"Memory! Oh you
Floating board from the long broken ship,
The wind and waves abruptly hurl from reef to reef
Towards the shore!"

Sándor Petőfi, *1823, Hungarian student, poet, actor, soldier, killed in action in 1849.


Glorious driftwood of unfathomable birth.

Historic oak planks washed ashore by the Alpine Rhine. Driven by the west wind into the basin of Lake Constance. Salvaged by Heilig near the Bay of Bregenz. Reincarnated as a breathtakingly sensuous shelf; the first work in the interior design collection, Compagnons de Vie.


The driftwood
found me.

And I fell in love. With the rhythm of its ripples and stream-sculpted structures. With its river-sand-blasted, wave-softened textures, nestled together like layers of stone. With the relief formed by furrows, fractures and grooves.


For weeks the driftwood lay before me.

Questions, ideas, experiments came and left discarded. What did these four boards want to be? Which accompaniments would be worthy of them? Able to enhance their authentic beauty? And how to preserve their original integrity? As a wall shelf, with only two carefully placed holes per board.


The wall shelf transforms with use.

And according to life, the style of the shelf changes the room. With an artistic play of light and shadow, subtle nuances of color, sensational tactile adventures, love and perfection ignite in every detail. I have the shelf I wanted. Old, modern, elegant, urban and with a history all its own.


I don't put things together. I stage.

Standardized like steel pipe alongside driftwood. I decontextualized the materials from their original employment. Restructured them. Each element given equal importance to the whole. BODENSEE, my first shelf design, is an unrepeatable theater of changing worlds.


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